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Image to text Android apps are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the numerous benefits they provide in our daily lives.

Isn’t it interesting to have some gadgets that can understand and convert your handwriting into a document? Yes, you can imagine all sorts of ease it can bring to your life.

In the modern era, as technology is evolving at a flabbergasting speed, so are our paradigms and ideas. Human-machine interaction that was once oblique toward input and output has now morphed into a more interactive thing.

Thru these tools and apps, devices have become intelligent enough to understand your data and interpret it according to your needs.

Just do a search on Google Play to see a whole lot of image-to-text tools. You may find yourself ambivalent about selecting the best one for your use.

To stop you from scratching your head and choosing randomly, I have provided a list of the best image-to-text apps.

First of all, you should have a general understanding of these tools. So let’s start without further ado!

What is an OCR (Image-to-Text) app?

As the name of the app suggests, these tools extract written words from an image. The text can be in any format or any color, and it can be extracted easily in a standard format thru these tools.

The result is in digital form, so it can be edited, transferred, saved, and copied as many times as you want.

In technical terms, these tools are based on OCR technology, which was first introduced a century ago and now incorporates AI to perform efficient tasks.

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition,” which means understanding words and characters through optics or lenses.

How does OCR technology help in our daily life?

Our day-to-day chores need troubleshooting and optimizing on a whole new scale. Way before the advent of technology, we have been doing our daily work, but with less accuracy and swiftness.

Moreover, the results were delayed and often marred with inefficiencies.

But technology has overwhelmingly skyrocketed our daily work speed and efficiency to the extent that now tools like the image to text apps have relieved us of great and cumbersome activities of life.

For students, these apps can be a savior against lengthy assignments, as they have to submit piles of assignments in a short time.

These apps give them a great opportunity to collect data, take pictures of it, and convert images to text without typing it in your word file.

They can simply convert hand-written notes into digital form, consult resources and extract data from them in soft form without engaging in the time-consuming practice of writing text.

Image to text apps have revolutionized the business world and stood companies on a pedestal of streamlined processes and boosted productivity.

Whether you want to create a digital database of your company, use optical identification for your employees, or distribute data over several systems at a time, you can adopt picture to text tools or apps to perform it decisively.

Best OCR apps for Android

You may be anxious to know the best apps, so let me tell you the three best apps to augment your work.

Image to Text -OCR by Prepostseo

Image to Text: Picture to Text
Image to Text: Picture to Text

Prepostseo image to text tool is highly tested and recommended by many people. They have a handsome number of reviews and a high rating on Google. Moreover, this tool converts an image to text at a great speed.

For your convenience, you can use their Android app from the Play Store. You can use this app for free as you do not have to pay any charges or registration fees to get started. Moreover, it is a multi-scanning tool that can recognize numbers, special characters, and alphabets and treat them alike.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it can also recognize your voice and convert it into text.  Now you can speak your text and it converts into your notes. It provides 100% accuracy and super-fast results every time you use it.

OCR Text Scanner – Image to Text Converter

This text converter scans your text like a scanner and then puts text into a soft copy which you can edit any time.

They have 2.9 ratings on the play store, but more than 50,000 downloads, which makes this app a reasonable one. Moreover, it has some of the amazing features that have helped this tool land on our checklist.

First of all, it is a free tool, so you can use it without providing any credentials. It recognizes text from all sorts of pictures or graphic text and gives a clear result in seconds.

You can save your text inside the tool and retrieve the result whenever you want without any issue. In addition, it also provides an effective way to save the extracted text into multiple document formats, like .txt, .doc, etc.

Copy Text On Image by SHARcodes

Copy Text On Image
Copy Text On Image
Developer: SHARCodes
Price: Free

This app is the best embodiment of a tool that takes care of your image-to-text conversion at a super-fast speed.

Not only does it help you extract text, but it also provides a wonderful technique to translate your text into more than 100 languages.

This tool has a reasonable rating of 3.4 and has more than a hundred reviews, which means that people are increasingly using this tool to extract data from pictures.

Sometimes, it can be the best solutions to copy your handwritten notes and use them for your thesis and assignment writing for your institute.


Image to text apps are a step ahead in the field of OCR. Unlike typical OCR software and online tools, these apps are quite handy and help in your day-to-day work whenever you want to extract text.

So, no more pulling out your old scanner from under your desk when you need a digital copy of your passport. You’ve got all you need right there in your pocket.

Let me know what you feel about this technology or the apps I recommended. Do you use another one?Let me know in the comments!

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